Sherm Jacobs (real name: Jake Fromm*) is a standup comedian, improviser, writer, and actor living in Brooklyn. After graduating from the University of Michigan with B.A.s in English and Judaic Studies in 2013, Sherm moved to China to teach English and get tuberculosis (it's a whole thing). He then moved to New York City to pursue a career in standup comedy, figuring that being a runner-up in U of M's MI Favorite Comic competition would be good enough to make it in the most demanding city in America.

Sherm has since performed at Caroline's on Broadway and the Orlando Indie Comedy Fest and has opened for national headliners such as Matthew Broussard, Aparna Nancherla, and Chris Redd. He cohosts the weekly standup show Ambush the Pizza Shop and the monthly comedy variety show Comedy by Proxy. Sherm also cohosts the Green Comedy Podcast, available on iTunes. His writing has appeared in Chortle and The Comic's Comic, he is a contributor for Newest York (newestyork.com), and he has completed UCB's core improv training. Sherm's comedy has been described as "wholesomely disgusting," and his mother would like you to know that he's a very nice boy.

* There is a very talented football player for the University of Georgia named Jake Fromm. In the interest of optimizing his own S.E.O. / making reckless career moves just for the hell of it, Sherm (then Jake) and his cohost Anya asked the audience of Comedy by Proxy to vote on a new stage name. Given the choice between Jacob Sherman (an exceptionably reasonable option) and Sherm Jacobs (not so much), those assholes sealed Jake's / Sherm's fate. But, honestly, who cares?